I have been grappling of late how to review, in a somewhat holistic way, a companies digital marketing efforts. In large this is in thanks to the task of prioritization being top of mind. If you can’t do everything how do you figure out the most effective use of your time?

So tonight – in spite of the crazy heat – I took a shot at sketching a framework of sorts to begin resolving my prioritization dilemma. In the process I came up with a bunch of probing questions, I think, are worth asking as a marketer. Hope they help get some gears rolling!

1 | What is your targeting, acquisition and retention strategy?

What seasonal campaigns and other evergreen activities do we currently have in flight? What triggers campaigns? How do we currently judge performance?

2 | How are you conducting your keyword, competitor and gap analysis?

What does the search landscape that you currently fit into look like? What is the cost and competition on keywords (brand, product, solution, industry, location, competitors) with associated purchase intent? What is the maximum CPC and anticipated CPL?

3 | How are we represented in local listings and organic search results?

When people search from a particular context (time, place, location) how is their result different and how are we represented as a brand on these terms (impression share). Do we target non branded location specific results? If so what is our impression share?

4 | How are we tracking and reporting actionable insights from data?

How do you currently gather and report C.P.C and C.P.L data on branded and non-branded keywords? What is your current cost per click and cost per lead? How does this map onto lifetime spend, customer buy cycle and realized revenue?

5 | What is the impact of brand and reputation on digital efforts?

How much of our traffic is branded versus non-branded? How much does branded search activities reduce cost per acquisition? What is the value of brand activities? What is the volume of branded searches? How do we currently measure our reputation? How do customers score us and rank us organically? How do we incentivize positive and public feedback?

6 | How do we improve relevance and engagement scoring?

What is our audience targeting response rate? How many impressions were required to drive clicks? How have we historically performed in terms of engagement? What impacts our engagement? How does this performance compare to competitors?

7 | How do we target behaviour and locations?

How are the ads you serve your clients differentiated based on where people are and where they live? How many terms are you targeting that are not narrowly service, location or brand terms? Are our regional differentiators being highlighted?

8 | How do we leverage lists and identified prospect companies to improve targeting?

How do you leverage company and list targeting to increase customer engagement on social platforms? Do we differentiate our service based on our audience interest, industry or past behaviour? Do we track the customers and retarget them. Do we nurture existing customer lists, past website visitors or people who have previously engaged with our ads. Do we treat net new versus existing customers differently?

9 | How can we simplifying the content creation and optimization process?

How do identify and replicate easy ways to create compelling content that connects with your audience? How can this be delivered in a way that drives increased purchase intent through increased proximity to sales or marketing messaging?

10 | How do we simplify the ad deployment and campaign management process?

How is our final content created with the particular platform conditions and context of use in mind? What competitor content will our ads be fighting for attention with. How can you test and monitor engagement to ensure successful campaign management?

11 | What are we doing for measurement and attribution? What is our test and learn strategy?

Do decision makers understand the impact of their design decisions on their audience. Are they aware of the options and implications? What is the hypothesis we are testing? How can we leverage data about our customers to empower them to make a better decision in less time with less stress?

12 | How can we improve the customer experience through automation and personalization?

How can we simplify customer nurturing and retention efforts by enabled sales to automate campaigns that improve customer stickiness and build loyalty? When sales does not have regular direct contact with customers how can we improve the overall customer experience? How do we create increase sales proximity to customers by opening relevant conversations?

That’s it.

Hope you enjoyed.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Photo by Jonas Lee on Unsplash

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