Meet Click Shift Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

We have a search-first focus to digital marketing.

You are a data driven company built around the concept that “what get’s measured gets managed”.

1) Planning and Researching Marketing Campaigns (identifying target customer, setting marketing objectives and identifying key performance indicators),

2) Creating Marketable Content (designing the creative and copy)

3) Managing the Campaigns that Use named content (ppc advertising, search engine optimization, user experience testing and marketing automation)

Click Shift is a Prince Edward County based performance-marketing agency that takes a search-first focus to digital marketing.  At Click Shift we are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs with the skill sets and confidence needed to take their business to the next level. While still a relatively young agency our collective experience and current business model is a testament to our passion for empowering businesses through digital education and mentorship.

Our Team | Empowering Entrepreneurs through Support and Collaboration

While motivated by marketing results our passion is, and always has been, working with people and helping to foster success through sharing knowledge. Our company, founded by David Bussell and Katy McIntyre, was established in part due to the unprecedented success of Dave’s unique data driven approach to content marketing. Having studied Law, Linguistics and Philosophy, Dave has a very pragmatic approach to problem solving and is excellent at both clarifying issues and evaluating the advantages of taking particular steps.

In a consulting capacity Dave currently works with clients to help clarify strategic marketing directions, create lead generation systems, develop content marketing processes as well as providing technical support. On the daily, Dave helps clients target customers, generate leads, track sales and asses marketing performance. A master tool wrangler Dave has worked with and integrated countless digital solutions and sales platforms into company work flows. A passionate designer Dave has personally trained close to a dozen employee’s on complex design, workflow and marketing platforms

Co-founder Katy McIntyre, like Dave, brings extensive marketing experience and expertise to the table. Her years of agency experience have had her work with teams of every size. Unmatched in her ability to capture an audiences attention Katy is known for her ability to create messaging that both connects and engages. On the daily, Katy develops and implements pro-active communications strategies that include online marketing, website development, content management, email newsletters, social media & PPC support, and training. An expert in social amplification and content marketing Katy has an unparalleled passion for building relationships online.

We help our awesome clients to:

  • Target Customers, Generate Leads and Sell Products & Services
  • Capture Leads, Track Sales & Measure Marketing Performance
  • Craft a Strategic Direction & Develop Their Business
  • Stimulate Growth with Process Mapping
  • Technical Support to Stay on the Edge
  • Integrate CRM & Project Management Solutions to Nurture Leads
  • Develop & Market Content Effectively Across Platforms
  • Map Customer Journey & Manage Customer Relationship

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