Lead Generation Case Studies

Lead Generation is the creation of demand or interest in a product, brand or service. It is a subset of marketing activities that narrowly relates to the process of putting in place the people, process and technologies required to turn prospective customers into warm leads.

There are countless case studies to examine in this space and the ones below perhaps don’t fit the mold perfectly. This is because they are all SAAS providers who fall outside of the normal lead generation approach. Despite the difference the leads generated by these companies, they are fielded by inbound sales teams who deliver products and services based on a customer’s specifications. In this way, each are perfect lead generation examples.

One last quick note: Generally speaking, a distinction is drawn between generating sales leads or marketing leads based on whether the interest is in a particular brand or general service. Each example has elements of both.

Klipfolio – Search Marketing Case Study

Klipfolio has been able to build it’s authority in dashboard of KPI metrics by dominating search results for key performance indicators in general. Simply search for marketing or sales KPI’s and you will find Klipfolio. Their authority on search engines is matched by their ability to provide quality content on the topic.

Their ranking and quality content has the dual effect of both driving traffic and keeping the bounce rates low. The net result is that they not only have taken the top positions in google for the topic but they will likely not lose them. This is a huge asset, given that their target audience are people who would be searching for things like “marketing key performance indicators”.

Moz – Content Marketing Case Study

Put simply Moz has become not only the leading tool in the SEO space, but also the leading thinker. The two, not surprisingly, go hand in hand. That said, the quality of the service offered is underpinned by Moz’s, and in particular Rand Fishkin’s, authority on the topic. People turn to the resources provided by Moz even if the product offered is outside of their price point.

This works on multiple levels for Moz. This is because content marketers, like Moz, realize fundamentally that information is at the heart of every buying decision. For this and countless other reasons content marketers will often recite the idiom “content is king”. If you want to be a leader create content that makes you an authority on your topic. Becoming an authority on a topic tied to your industry means that people searching for information on the topic will become acquainted with your services.

Unbounce – Technical Marketing Case Study

Unbounce is a natural choice for a technical marketing case study, the reason being is that they offer a/b testing solutions for customers. This is not only reflected in their product but also brands development and explosive success. Key things you will notice on their site include limited form fields required on conversion pages, call to action buttons above the fold and countless other key UX rules that Oli Gardener from Unbounce now promote as tested best practices. The key here is tested!

Technical Marketers care deeply about metrics. The motto often employed is “what can be measured can be improved”. Put otherwise, if you can’t measure it you can’t improve it. Technical marketers, focused on attribution, often turn to testing to answer major questions such as where to spend and how to design. For instance when creating a UX a technical marketer often will create a variety of pages and test their conversion rates rather than relying on their design instincts.


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Lead Generation Cases Summary

There are countless examples of best practices when it comes to lead generation. The following articles explore some common strategies that are being employed.

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