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Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation in Canada

In marketing, lead generation has a huge advantage when it comes to figuring out your budget for ad spend. Because it means creating leads using a variety of clever tools, it allows you to target your energy and efforts in a specific direction, saving money, time and resources. Generating leads is the result of a good inbound marketing strategy, which is informed by a good grasp of what your goals are, who you’re trying to reach, and what you plan on doing with them.


Online Lead Generation : The Details

Lead generation differs from more familiar tactics like outbound sales. Rather than reach out in a disorganized, broad manner, the lead generation method means getting to your customers at the right time and place, where they’re more likely to be motivated to buy or at least listen to what you have to say.

For example, door to door sales were far more popular during the days that preceded telephones because the only way to reach out to a market was in person. More recently, telemarketing was a giant craze because it enabled large banks of employees to reach out in a mathematical way, reaching hundreds of homes quickly.

The problem with older methods like this are that it requires a huge commitment of time, money, and personnel to get a campaign underway. This excludes smaller-sized businesses that can benefit just as much as – if not more than – bigger businesses with more money to spend on ads. Often, smaller businesses fail to invest resources in inbound marketing strategies, especially marketing lead generation, because they wrongly think that it’s beyond their reach as a business.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Lead generation is something every business can access.

We get leads by reaching out to interested parties in the right way. This usually means that we’re offering content or information that is interesting enough to trade for their contact information. This could mean a wide variety of content or downloads to provide to prospective buyers, whether it be a coupon they have to include their name and address for, or a free download of an eBook that asks for something else in exchange. The right content is going to be important to match to the right audience, and that’s all part of your inbound marketing strategy.

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The Sweet Smell of Success

When you’re managing your inbound marketing lead generation strategy effectively, it’s going to look like an organized process. The most common looks like:

Landing page – your brand’s first impression on a new visitor. The function  of the page is to lead the visitor to the next step – the offer, or form.

The offer – something you’re providing for “free”, in exchange for the lead’s contact information.

The form – the way you’re collecting this information, it can be in depth or simple, but should at least include an email.

The Call to Action – a noticeable tool that prompts the visitor to respond positively. The action is usually to provide their contact so you can close the deal.

Whatever the campaign, it’s important to keep your prospective customers cleanly engaged with your end goal. This means providing amazing content, keeping it simple and streamlined, and acting early to get them interested. When this is all in place, you can sit back and watch as your hard work attracts customers to you, making closing the deal a breeze.

Generate Leads from Customers in Canada

Lead Generation | Leap Capture | Lead Nurturing
If you operate in Canada or are simply trying to generate leads from customers in Canada we can help. Click Shift Marketing is an agency dedicated to helping customers build better lead generation systems and practices. We work both early startup and industry leaders to generate more traffic and convert more clicks into leads and closes. Click Shift employs a variety of strategies to achieve results. These include:

  • Content marketing
  • email marketing / database driven campaigns
  • organic search optimization
  • social media engagement

What sets us apart from traditional service providers is our emphasis on:

  • Segmentation and Automation
  • Analytics and Attribution
  • Persona driven Keyword Targeting