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Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

The team at Click Shift would love to share our vision with you about the ways that you can update your online identity in ways that are both easy to maintain and flexible enough to meet your contemporary and future needs. We’d love to be with you during every step of the process as you redefine your online presence, from the early planning stages through to implementation and team training.

Design Driven By People

While motivated by marketing results, our passion is, and always has been, working with people and helping to foster success through sharing knowledge. Reflective of this our team currently works primarily in a support, advisory and training capacity with the majority of our clients. Year to date our strategies have generated in excess of 3 million dollars in directly attributable client sales, tens of thousands of web visitors and countless raving fans. We believe these kinds of results are not only attainable but readily available to small business owners with the right kind of mentorship and support.

We Create Content that Drives Action

We specialize in content. The creation, organization, management and optimization of content both graphic and word. Our work involves website design and development, communications, search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce, marketing and advertising, web analytics, PR, social media and media relations among a number of additional services that support and optimize your web experience. In an era of instant search results to every possible question, it is ever more important that information systems and content be optimized for both the computer and human elements of communications.

Content Driven Solutions that will Outlast the Competition

Click Shift is motivated by future-forward solutions, but not “trends”. We’ll always present you with strategies and technological architecture that are ahead of the curve but that won’t quickly become out of date. We understand the value of your website investment and will work to ensure that you have a solid, stable, capable and user friendly platform for years to come.

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