Lead Generation Services

Click Shift offers a variety of lead generation services in addition to consulting, including:

  • Competitor & Keyword Research
  • Site Funnel & Sales Pipeline Mapping
  • Keyword Driven Content Development
  • Adwords and PPC management
  • Social Media Marketing and Advertising
  • Web Development & Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Nurturing, Marketing Automation and CRM Integration

Put simply, there is not a single service or offering that will fit every company’s lead generation goals. This is why every project begins with a consultation, in which we map out your specific lead generation goals and needs. The cost of the proposed solutions depend on what makes sense for your business in order to acquire a customer along with their anticipated their lifetime spend. In some situations competing on paid results makes sense, while in others it is simply cost-prohibitive. This entirely depends on the keyword competition, your targeted demographics, and current relationship with customers and stage of business.

Lead Generation Services Summary

There are countless examples of best practices when it comes to lead generation. The following articles explore some common strategies that are being employed.

Generate Sales Leads

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Generate Marketing Leads

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  • Click Shift Provides a variety of Lead Generation Services. Our consultants can help you navigate the following:
    • keyword and competitor analysis
    • web design and development
    • search engine optimization
    • social media marketing strategy
    • process mapping and CRM integration
    • branding and copy writing