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– What is Measured is Managed
– Evergreen Content and SEO are dead
– The Best Outbound is Good Inbound
– Educating Your Target is Everything
– The Search and Social Divide are Dissolving
– User Experience is the most important Measure
– Diversity in Content and Delivery the key to amplification
– Monotony, Auto Generated or Recycled Content is Dead (Rank Brain)
– People (Authorship, Testimonials, Stories, Reviews, Like) tell your story and sell your product 
– Process, People and then Technology
– Attribution is benchmark sales performance.
– Test on Social and Deliver in Search
– Never underestimate the power of good creative
As an inbound marketing agency we have a search-first focused approach to content creation and optimization.  As an agency, we believe the traditional web model is dead! Today’s online visitor does not have a linear path that starts on your homepage and ends on a contact form. This model – still focused on by most web design agencies is not only dead but can be dangerous. You marketing dollars need to not only appeal to eye’s but turn views into buys. They won’t do this if they are not invested where your customers already spend their time!

While we factor a ton into every marketing decision- we use the the below formula to tap into  I-want-to-know , I-want-to-go , I-want-to-do and I-want-to-buy moments. These moments along the customers path to purchase happen all over the place – and we can help you tap into them. To do this we view each step on a customers path to purchase as an opportunity to connect and meet their particular needs.

Targeting |  Harnessing “I want to know” moments

Customer Respond to Significane and Adventure

We believe that great targeting campaigns succeed in three areas – the quality of the content created (copy, creative and user experience), the quantity of contributors (writers, vloggers, contributors, commenters) and the target audiences appetite for your content (either created or found). We believe that doing well at all three of these will amplify your message and help find your raving fans.
Acquisition | Harnessing “I want to buy” or “I want to do” moments
Customers Respond to Connection & Certainty
Great customer aquisition campaigns succeed in three areas – the speed at which you delivered the content requested, the personalization of the solution offered,  and the value added to the target audiences experience. We believe that doing well at all three of these will amplify your message and help turn raving fans into raving customers.
Retention| Harnessing “I want to share” or “I want to connect” moments
Customers Respond to Growth & Contribution
We believe that great retention campaigns succeed in three areas – find topics and activities on which you connect, regularly reach out and stay in touch but don’t be pushy, regularly offer new opportunities. We believe that doing well at all three of these will amplify your message and help find turn raving customers into lifelong friends.
Think with Google, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck, Simon Sinek & Rand Fishkin