8 Ideas to Help You Generate Leads

1) Leverage Your Team’s Networking Power

Likely you have a couple staff that really work the web for what it is worth socially. The remaining portion of your team does not see what is in it for them. Shortcut this problem by having your staff spend 20 minutes every morning on sharing and engaging with others on their professional accounts. The more you can leverage your staff to talk about your brand the more reach it will have. This is beneficial for SEO, brand awareness and perhaps most importantly for your staff to create connections with future clients.

2) Comment and Participate in Forums

There is literally no cheaper and more efficient way to build your brand that to make it public. Talking about issues you are facing and helping out others is a great way to build you brands name digitally. It also has massive benefits if you care about your brand showing up in search results. A great resource if you want to start back link building is directories such as www.designerlistings.org. This can add additional link juice and help your site perform. What is however required is reciprocation. You will need to provide a link like the one I have created to get a link!

3) Pay for Publication

When you have something worth celebrating make sure to share it with the world. Either have a profession content marketing organization or a member of your team regularly do a write up about updates in offerings, new hires, new directions and the overall all experience of your team. These articles, typically 300 words and under, can be published on PR sites across the web for low rates and are a great way to share your brand while building backlinks and buzz.

4) Write Shareable Content

Not much one can say about educational content and the importance of it in marketing. Writing in depth content on topics is a great way to build buzz and get more traffic. Content rich branding is a must.  How you do it is up to you -whether you choose to create a free download that entices people to share their email address or simply show off your brands authority on a topic.

5) Close The Loop

Perhaps the most important way to get more leads is to stop wasting the ones you have. Whether you close a deal or not a persons expression of intrest in your product is worth it’s weight in gold. The biggest risk you can take is to stop talking to these people. 100 positive opinions can be undone by a single brand buster who takes his bad experience to other customers. By building warm and personal relationships with these customers you ensure your reputation stays in tact and if they ever do need to buy you are the first one to call. Last point – if they can handle you calling them – then call. If all you can get across is a text without pissing them off – then text them. Whatever you don’t be forgotten but don’t be a pest!

6) Develop Your List

Prior to the internet a company was only as good as it’s calling list. Today a company is only as good as the customers who are actually willing to hear from them. Everyone has access to any number of customer lists. Just because you can talk to a customer doesn’t mean they want to hear from you. Winning companies slowly build their list and consistently deliver value so that their customers stay onboard over time. This means delivering the perfect mix of value and requests. This means giving as much as you take. This means respecting that you are not the center of the customers world. This means treating a customer the way you would treat a friend.

7) Reduce your response time by creating automated replies

Automation obviously has it’s up and down sides. Make sure to use it to help not hinder customers. For instance if a customer asks for pricing automatically send it to them. Now that you have given them what they want follow up and have a conversation. It obviously has, and can, be argued that you should hold back key information until you are in rapport with customers. While I agree I really believe that walled gardens are only as good as their facade. That is to say if you hold back information customer are likely to suspect the worst unless your marketing can really paint a picture without giving details.

8) Create a Content Calendar and Strategy

Nothing is worse than waking up every day and trying to figure out what you should write or how you should go about creating your next post or tweet. Wouldn’t it be great if you could hop into a word document and grab a ready made template for an article. Wouldn’t it be nice to know in advance the keywords you should be focused on and resources you should use to research the content. In my experience the best content creations come as a result of following processes that allow you to batch process the stages. For instance set aside time prior to creating content to research the tools you will use. Next layout the kinds of content your want to create and find some great examples of how others have done the same thing. Next create a

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