The internet in a certain sense separates individuals from the various things that we may typically use to identify them or the spaces they inhabit. If I were, for instance, to visit a brick and mortar store I would know a hand full of facts about that store which when moved online are altogether hidden from me. This distance creates anxiety. The job or web developers is to reduce the anxiety created by this separation. In order to achieve this developers and designers need to:

1) create the sense of place

2) establish a rapport with clients and

3) provide a geographical context

This require that allot of information be conveyed both to the person visiting the online store (content) and equally importantly be conveyed to the engines that help individuals find these online spaces. This data includes both what is visually engaged with (the content of a site) but importantly also includes   meta data (indicators which tell search engines what content is on the site) and rich snippets (key information about the things which the site is about). These three in combination with the site’s design elements are what dictate a Single Page success on search engines and rate of conversion.

–  Figure out your conversion paths and design around them

– Website or Micro Site Testing (A-B and Multi-Variant testing)