Live Gauge Event Monitoring Solution

LiveGauge produces event monitoring sensors that passively track the digital signature given off by cellphones in order to provide analytics and real-time attribution for events and activations. Experiential and event marketing professionals use LiveGauge to determine a location’s impressions (how many people are exposed to a location), engagements (how many people stop and participate) and conversions (how many people move from one location to another). This helps campaign managers assess and alter their team’s efforts based on real time data to better optimize the client’s overall return on investment. Historical reports generated by the LiveGuage dashboard are also critically used to show return on investment and inform future event strategies.

Experiential marketers and event professionals across North America are using the technology for countless applications including:

  • Assessing floor sales team effectiveness and close rates
  • Measuring audience exposure to fixed and mobile marketing displays
  • Real-time event attendance monitoring
  • Site, store and location traffic monitoring
  • Site safety and signature recording
  • Installation, event ROI and attendance tracking
  • Exposure measurement, mapping and monitoring

A sleek and user friendly dashboard along with a stand-alone self powered monitoring system means your team can forget the technology and people required for traditional monitoring and focus on the data – safely and securely stored in the cloud and available whenever you need it on your personalized dashboard.

This technology is the first of it’s kind and changes the way experiential and event marketers work and think about events. Making the right decisions means having the right numbers in your hand when you need them. Don’t wait – get ahead of the game and chat to a member of our team today.

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