On Demand for when you want to scale 



Service Levels 

Hourly Support

($300 USD  / Hourly) 

Dedicated Headcount

$17’500 USD / Monthly

Dedicated Team

from $36’000 USD / Monthly

Billing ✔️ no contract ✔️ monthly contract ✔️yearly contract
Availability ✔️ typical two week project turnaround ✔️ typically daily project turnaround ✔️ 24/7 on demand support with guaranteed uptime
SEO Included

Health Score and Keyword Rank

+ Competitor +Regional Spend & Inventory Management
Minimum Ad Spend $20,000 Monthly $100,000 Monthly $250,000 Monthly
PPC,  Ecom and Content Management Support Priority Setting Support with Management Full Execution
Management of Ad Accounts ✔️ up to $25K monthly spend / 500 leads monthly ✔️ up to $150k spend / 1000 leads monthly

✔️ $250K+ ad management / 2,000+ leads monthly

Config / Integration of Systems  ✔️ ✔️
Ad and Website Creative ✔️
Lead Management / CRM Support ✔️


What you can expect to see

Improved Channel Performance

 Your sites ranking on search and recommendation engines is critical for it’s overall success in generating leads. Most successful digital companies generate the vast majority of their leads from search engines. You can too and we can help. 

We help our customers

  • Opportunity and Gap Analysis
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research & Mapping
  • Keyword Targeted Landing Page Creation
  • Create Search and Display Ads
  • Setup Attribution and Analytics
  • Blogging and Reblogging Strategy
  • Guest Posting, Directory Listing and Guest Commenting Strategy (backlink building)
  • Network Building Strategy (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter)


Increased Conversion Rates

Lower your bounce rate, improve your relevance and drop your cost per acquisition. Monitoring and improving user experience is a great way to cut your marketing bottom line. Click Shift helps you connect with past and present stakeholders to help you share their message and your reputation. Our strategic approach will not only showcase your organization’s identity and personality but make it a place for your staff and customers to share their ideas and connect. The website will be a digital voice for your unique perspective.

Other Services offered Include

  • UX Testing (A/B tests, Multivariate Testing)
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Marketing Automation (Emails Sequences, SAAS Integration, etc)
  • Copy and Creative Research and Creation
  • Page Layout and Integration

Improved Page Quality Scores and Ad Relevance

Our strategies help you create content that not only connects your experience to an audience interested in hearing it, but also connects your content to related affinity audiences researching topics related to your area of authority. We help you map out the topic and keywords information you need to engage your customers when it matters most to connect.

Other Services offered include

    • Blogging and Reblogging Strategy
    • Guest Posting, Directory Listing and Guest Commenting Strategy (backlink building)
    • Network Building Strategy (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter)


    Lowered Customer Acquisition Costs

    Mapping your ads to your keywords and keywords to your pages is a critical strategy that will improve your relevance score and cost per click. We can help. Identifying keywords that show clear intention and affinity audiences worth targeting is critical to getting more out of your ad spend. We can help you tie it all together and ensure you pay reasonable rates to advertise and maximize your return on ad spend.

    Why Have Us Handle it?

    • Lower your cost per click
    • Amplify the reach of your budget
    • Improve your return by up to 300%
    • PPC Strategy, Mapping and Management
    • Ad Creation and Deployment
    • Budgeting