Click Shift marketing is a agency passionate about your activations and how to bring events to life. We provide actionable data and insights about real time events and the people who are participating at them. We supply live event monitoring and tracking in addion to being able to handle everything from displays to event marketing. We are a small agency but promise we have sharp teeth and great solutions.

Don’t settle with an agency that only services half your needs. Work with a seasoned proffessional with years of event display and marketing experience. 

Whether your looking to launch your product, celebrate your company milestone or mark a signature occasion we are there. Our team of event marketers will work with you to monitor and track your event or activations performance in real time. 

We offer a combination of passive analytics and push notifications from beacons to curate altogether unique and responsive event experiences.

Trust your next events marketing management to a company who brings big data and design driven thinking to curating and marketing your guests event experience. 

Click Shift works with several Experiental marketing agencies to augement their service offerings with real time data driven insights about their event audience and their offline and offline behaviour.

At Click Shift we believe that your best opportunity is data driven and real time responsive.

Reach out to our team to find out how we can help make your next event or activation a smashing success.