When comparing marketing styles I always compare three aspect; customer targeting, customer acquisition and customer retention.

When it comes to customer targeting account based marketers focus their efforts on their channel of delivery. Messaging is always designed to speak to a specific use case.

By contrast marketers taking a demand generation approach to marketing focus initially on target audience. Finding out where your audience spends their time is thought to help in creating and crafting content and actions to interrupt existing buying patterns.

When it comes acquisition the difference between demand and account based marketing is in many ways akin to the inbound versus outbound distinction. In both cases the best results are created when content is created that maps a particular intention to an action. Google calls these macro moments  “moments of intention” and believes them to be the basis of any inbound marketing campaigns approach.

Customer retention approaches are very much uniform across the two forms of inbound marketing. Seperating customers into differing segments is commonly used to decide how much effort and expense should be invested into keeping a particular clients.

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