Inbound marketing, when right, delivers on the key business objectives of your organization. Below is a breakdown of some key ever on activities that you should be directing your team’s attention to.

Online Lead Generation and Sales
Building a successful business based on entirely online sales is not simple. Our team has worked with companies across a variety of platforms to translate the idea of selling online into a reality. Our resounding success in this area is driven by many of the specialties you see below – including the creation of keyword targeted landing pages for particular products and services, the optimization of on and off page ranking factors for increased search visibility, and the use of A/B and multivariate testing tools to ensure an optimal user experience and high conversion rate. We not only know how to sell online but we have successfully done it time after time.

Search Marketing and Optimization
We help clients capture the right data and use it to optimize both paid and organic audience development to help small businesses know if they are meeting their goals. We do this so you can measure your marketing impact, allocate your resources more wisely and provide visitors with content and messages that they’re looking for. We’ll help you perform keyword research to find affordable display and search opportunities to bid on.

Keyword Targeted Landing Pages
Creating topic authority by creating content relevant to targeted keywords will ensure that you not only rank organically, but that you increasingly show up in featured search results. Our process starts with an opportunity and gap analysis where we will help identify keywords associated with your specific service offerings, locations and community connections. Using keyword research tools in combination with marketing priorities, we will identify a range of keywords that audiences are searching for. The identified keywords can then be ranked based on their difficulty and existing competition on search engines. We want to make sure you own the right topics on search engines so that when people look for more information they find you.

Social and Search Amplification
After we know what keywords to target and have published quality content, it’s time to amplify its reach and ensure that the content itself ranks better. Our strategies help content not only connect to an audience interested in hearing it, but also connect to related affinity audiences researching topics related to your area of authority. We’ll help small businesses take advantage of opportunities including retargeting campaigns, blogging strategies, guest posting, directory listings and building an audience on social networks.

Tracking and Analysis
If you’re not tracking, it’s hard to see the results of your outreach and adspend. Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Moz allows us to get a better understanding of how a business falls on search engine rankings, and on what terms. This helps a business monitor its brand presence online and understand where traffic is coming from. This means folding in analysis of search and social efforts to track where the biggest opportunities for improvement lie. We’ll help you determine their key elements of measurability – whether it be through clicks, purchases, views, listens, shares, or embeds.

Email Marketing Campaigns
One of the easiest and most effective ways of supporting a customer’s journey is using email marketing. We’ll work with you to carve out a lead-capturing strategy using email marketing tools and best practices. Automating your email list building process can bring great results to your online sales. Offering an incentive, such as a PDF download, in return for contact information will help you build your customer list. You can then send an automated welcome series of emails that takes a subscriber through your customer journey and converts them into a client.

Multi-Media Content Packages
Something shareable can often be the best way to get branded content out and circulating. There are a variety of interesting ways of deploying this kind of content – high quality photos can capture attention, videos shared on YouTube or Snapchat effectively share stories that emotionally connect, the podcast market is currently exploding, and Facebook Live or YouTube vlogging highly engage viewers. These approaches have high earning potential if leveraged correctly. Content like this not only helps you market and sell, but helps manage your reputation over time. The more chances people have to love you, the more they will.

Marketing Automation
Marketing automation works best when it automates or expedites repetitive lead-nurturing tasks. Whether it is sending a follow-up email after every call or sending reminders at fixed intervals before an event, we can help small businesses work smarter not harder using digital tools and services. We help clients nurture relationships with drip marketing campaigns that respond to how leads engage with a small business.

Click Shift

Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

1) Generate Leads,

2) Turn Leads in Customers,

and 3)  Customers into Raving Fans.

We are a Canadian based marketing agency who serves clients across North America including Canada and the United States. Our focus is helping clients generate, qualify and nurture leads. These critical aspects of business are typically handled internally. As such, our team works hand-in-hand with companies to:

  • develop and implement inbound marketing strategies
  • train and equip employees
  • establish and map out repeatable content marketing processes
  • put the right lead generation and management tools in place

We do this so that your company can efficiently and effectively

  •  target customers and generate leads
  • qualify and nurture leads in a proactive (rather than reactive) way
  • retain customers and get refferals