Inbound marketing is more than just content creation and search engine optimization. Here are 5 must have features to bring your inbound marketing to the next level.

Integration of a Email List Builder and Management Tool
– Lightbox pop-ups or on page prompts will allow users to sign up for updates and automatically add them to relevant mailing lists.

Integration of Social Media Platform and Prompts
– The website can increase visitor engagement by offering options to share content or engage on secondary social platforms.

Integration of Website Optimization Tool(s)
When you can learn more about your visitors and their behaviour, you can better optimize your site to improve their experience and generate more conversions. Tools including heatmaps, which monitor a user’s on-page experience, and A/B split testing can help test page variations and asses and improve how users navigate and use the website. This allows you to deploy personalized content based on a user’s geographic location, referral site or search term.

Integration of a Visual Form Builders with Custom Routing
Our Visual Form Builder tools will allow staff to alter or create forms on conversion pages with a simple visual editor. This will allow for smart routing of inquiries based on the information collected in the form, helping staff to gather all form data in a central location.
You’ll be able to track entries as they will automatically be reported as “conversions” to Google Analytics, which can trigger emails or integrate information into a CRM (or similar system)

Integration of Call Tracking, Routing and Recording
Call tracking helps staff to track the search terms or pages visited by a user prior to making a call. This will allow staff to track the page from which a call is made and notify answering agent, automatically routing calls to the right departments based on a user’s page and site section. Reporting data will be improved as calls will be automatically tracked as “conversions” in Google Analytics. Call recording is available, if required.

Management of Dedicated 3rd Party Hosting & Site Updates
Ensure that site content is delivered quickly, securely and reliably
Ensure that site content updates are made to ensure compatibility with newest versions of CMS (wordpress) and devices