Keyword targeted landing pages are as their name suggests – landing pages that are created about a particular topic which people are searching for. Keywords targeted landing pages are the basis of most search engine optimization efforts as they house the content that gets a site or page to rank for a particular topic or keyword.

With the development of Rank Brain google has increasingly moved from keywords to topics and from a focus on back links to user experience. Pratically speaking his means that content slim and highly targeted pages are increasingly loosing out to content rich and highly engaging pages that cover a topic rather than focus on a keyword.

Not surprisingly the fundamentals of competitor and keyword research have remained the same dispite these changes. Ultimately one still have to prominanly feature words in sought after search inquiries.

What has become less important is matching exact word order or achieving a particular keyword density in your content. Google has instead opted for a much more interperative approach to content analysis. Focusing on ensuring content convers commonly cites terms found or other topic authority sites.

With the ever improving ability of machine learning to address the challenge of judging content you can rest assured that creating keyword fluff is a sure way to not only kill your conversion rate but loose your keyword ranking pages.

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