RULE ONE: Strive to be Connected, Relevant and Engaged

The internet is run by, well, belevolent overlords who prioratize certain things. They want the internet to represent and promote certain things. Generally the ideals of our internet overloard (Google, facebook and so on) are things we all either agree with or understand. They want us to be connected, they want the information they provide to be relevent to our lives and they want us to use their products. If you keep these three things in mind whever you are producing content, setting up sites or participating online you will be, at least moderately, successful! Put simply when producing content always try to be connected, relevent and engaged.

RULE TWO: Focus on a Specific Topic and Relate it to a Specific Location 

Without knowing what you represent, and what it is you are targeting their is little point in discussing how best to optimize a site’s keywords or develop content to improve keyword ranking on good. While you may value multi-faceted individual who know a little about a lot the internet, or more particularlary search engines, value site that have a lot to say about a little. The more targeted your site is the more likely it will be successful. That is to say the more specific your topic and your target geographical location is the more likely potential customers will find you! This means you need to do some Keyword Research before you begin. Make sure you know your competition and what you need to get ahead of them. That is know their page rank, site authority and the number of inbound links on a the page which you are competing with.

RULE THREE: Fill in Everything

The third and perhaps most important rule: fill in and provide as much data as you can, where ever you can and spread yourself across the web as much as you can! It is not only important to imput data but to do so in a manner that ensures that some unknowing individual looking for your image, product and so on will find you using the terms you input. When entering meta data dont try to be witty. Save that for your content. Make it literal and concise.

RULE FOUR: Be Mindful of the Visitors Experience

Sites – like sights, smell, places and people – evoke emotional responses and draw people in directions. Your site has to be designed or engineered to convince the user of its ligitamizy and your product value while telling them how to take the next step. Put simply it has to convince them of your message and then call them to action!

Sticking to these rules you will hopefully achieve two things:

1) You will be found by search engines (I) Search Engine Optimization

2) Visitors will do what you want and go where you want them to go (II)Conversion Optimization & Path Optimization

While this article may hit some of the general themes of success I would suggest you check out my article Targeting Particular Keywords to learn more about the specifics!