I believe success is the result of combining brilliant ideas with diligent execution. While working hand in hand with companies to develop one-of-a-kind lead generation and nurturing strategies I have noticed three elements that
successful clients leverage. From prospecting to promotion these three elements are what create campaigns that convert clicks into quality leads. Stop hoping your efforts will drive results – start bringing together data-driven thinking with conversion-oriented marketing to deliver daily on your businesses needs.

Score-Driven Development
When it comes to campaign development and targeting, leading marketers take a uniquely quality score-driven approach to ad and landing page development. Put simply, this means that landing pages are developed to ensure that corresponding keywords that are bid on in Adwords always receive top-quality scores from Google. Naturally, this means that you get more paid visitors for less money while also getting more organic visitors. Double win!

Funnel-Driven Design
While getting visitors to your site is great, what matters is converting them into customers. With this in mind, related keyword landing pages are created to push visitors to take a specific step or set of steps that lead to a conversion. We track and test the performance of every stage of the funnel on a regular basis to ensure you’re getting an optimal conversion rate.

Attribution-Driven Optimization
As a search engine marketing company, we not only get you found but help turn your clicks into conversions. Leveraging leading conversion optimization tools and best practices, we help optimize all the marketing touchpoints affecting a customer’s lifetime spend rather than simply those leading to their initial inquiry. We believe sustainable growth is rooted in the development of a cohesive customer journey that deepens the relationship between a service provider and customer from first impression on a SERP to them becoming a return client.

Why wait? Get Growth on Demand
Click Shift is a full-service performance marketing agency that helps organizations target, acquire and retain customers online. Click Shift helps you achieve this by handling everything from keyword research and ad creation to landing page development and conversion optimization.

A Data-Driven Growth  Agency

Meet Click Shift –

Chaning the way you look at digitial marketing.

Click Shift Marketing

  • Develop a digital presence that can sustainably generate leads
  • Create integrated work flows and processes to ensure leads are properly nurtured
  • Understand your customer needs and excel at meeting them
  • Reinforce your market position by clarifying and reinforcing your value proposition
  • Focus and differentiate yourself from the competition and eliminate barriers to growth

Customer Targeting, Aquisition and Retention | We combine automated solutions with CRM and tracking software to ensure your staff is properly equipped build lasting relationships with customers. This is combined with tools to allow you to track and reward your staff’s performance, the key to building a successful sales funnel. 

Our Guarantee | We fully stand behind the work we do and truly believe that the only way to succeed in to create measurable and sustainable value for clients. For this reason, all projects with Click Shift Marketing start with clarifying your expectations. Whether it is generating leads or improving your current close rate, we understand that results matter. That is why every project is tied to a clear deliverable so your spending means direct and measurable results.