Any search engine optimization consultant worth their salt pays attention to moments of intention. According to Google these moments are what trigger searches for products, solutions and information. They are the individual moments when a person decides they want to know, go, see, get, buy, compare etc. 

Moment of intention are important in large part to marketers because they tropically trigger moments that can be targeted. They critically involve some kind of proactive outbound action. 

While intentions matter what translates those desires or interests into dollars is whether the company targeting those intentions are able to deliver on expectations.

For instance if I have a sudden hankering for a Indian food while visiting Montreal I might grab my phone and look up “best Indian restaurants in Montreal”. I don’t want mediocre food. I want an experience. Whether or not a restaurant can deliver on that desired experience depends entirely on them translating that to me online.

When looking for a dinner I have certain expectations in terms of both my conceptions of Indian food and my expectations for Indian food articles or websites. Motivating action first and foremost means addressing and meeting these expectations. 

Companies often fail before even being found. Put simply by failing to account for the role of these macro moments in a customers journey content is not created to address them. Failure to create content that speaks to both the particular language used and the expectations of the person searching will ensure you are either not encountered or considered.

Low traffic or lots of traffic from the wrong keywords is a strong indicator that you are not tapping into the macro moments that matter to your business. This is often the result of not creating enough topic related or keyword target landing pages.

Likewise high bounce rates or low conversion rates indicate low relavance to the users search expectations. If this is the case it typically means your content is not speaking to your audience. Paying more attention to the kind of factors that play into your targets decision to buy from you can help identify missing components on pages or conversion killers.

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