Just had a sales person reach out to me through Linkedin and share a document but not make it public. Likely unintentional but brilliant way to build a list on Linkedin. To access the document I would have to supply my email. Send a document that requires permissions – you pretty much have a five minute white paper download hack.

This is an absolutely brilliant hack for any growth marketer out there looking to get some email addresses of interested customers.

Create a compelling message with a hook (interesting information, pricing, information, details etc) that lives in a google document. Then send that message to prospects. For instance I could send the following message:

” Thought you would love to check out this awesome list of directories where you can create links back to your site from. This will help you generate a ton of traffic. You can find the information here

Have fun with it guys. Obviously always keep the user experience in mind and add a ton of value if you want to keep your leads warm and your customers warmer.

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