No need to stress – most do and it’s usually not that hard to fix.

My name is Dave and promise I can help. The fact that you are reading this is proof that you don’t need a massive budget or fancy team to get found online. Myself and client websites generate leads from across Canada and outrank massive competitors on major search terms at a fraction of the budget.

Wondering how we do this? The answer, not surprisingly, is by paying serious attention to how search and recommendation engines actually interpret your sites overall topic authority and landing page’s relevance to particular keywords. Through on page updates, backlink building, competitor analysis, funnel testing and creation of topic optimized content I can help land your website in the middle of existing search trends and topic gaps that will translate into qualified leads and real business results. 

I get it – everyone has fed you the same lines. So what makes me different? 

My data-driven obsession and excessive experience researching common digital paths to purchase has given me – dare I say – a pretty badass inbound marketing intuition and set of skills. These have come from working both sides of the fence – I know what works and what doesn’t both from a business and inbound marketing perspective. I understand business workflows and the need to generate qualified leads and inquiries rather than just traffic and attention.  I have proven experience creating massive business growth with my skill set and understand your practical business needs and how to translate them into a strategy to target, acquire and retain customers online. 

So let’s talk a little about you…

As a small team we can’t work with everyone. Because of this, I try to find clients who while small are uniquely positioned to make big jumps. I am passionate about empowering teams rather than attempting to replace them. I like working with rather than for or instead of. We love early stage start ups (especially in the ad tech space), I totally dig category busters and nothing brings me more joy than an entrepreneur with a vision who wants to chart a radically new path.  My understanding and analysis of search behavior and lead generate matches perfectly with everyone from content creators to coders.  I love dissecting customer intentions and paths to purchase and finding disruptive ways to put new solutions and the products in front of old problems.  


So why wait? Combine tested inbound marketing techniques with a data driven approach to search optimization.

My one-of-a-kind inbound marketing and lead generation strategies will help you reach new clients and take your business to the next level. From prospecting to promotion, I create campaigns that convert clicks into quality leads.

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