The term social media is new to this world. It did not exist in the days when there was just media. It is in a sense a response to media’s early failures. When media came to exist in the way we know it now it was made for us and we had no control over it. It arrived as a broadcast or a movie. In a world where social media exists one has control over how they interact with media (photo’s, videos and so on) and the type of media that exists.

While unique in this way there is little more that unites sites classified as social. While they are all big and are all responsive to their users Social Media sites are in many ways not sites in the classic sense of the term- but rather bundles. Social Media bundels hundreds of thousands of users together on one site and allows them to determine there relation to others and in doing so define themselves online.

Get it? Well the same stands true for sites. Like individuals web sites are embedded in communities and have relations to others. To be successfully socially you have to connect with other individuals online. In particular, when you are marketing a website through social media you need to connect to your target demographic on the social bundles or social media web sites. Success requires you do three things:

1) CONNECT with your target demographic which both perspective and existing clients

2) COMMUNICATE  your brand and identity with your audience and establish a rapport with your target demographic

3) CONVERT your community into customers
Social Media Marketing is using blogs, social forums like facebook, newsletters, forums, your website, YouTube, and other online tools to promote your small business. Through the use of social media your small business can attract prospective clients from anywhere and direct them to their website while converting them into a lead and possible customers.