Why Test Business Concepts

The repeat success of companies using traditional bootstrapping and lean start up methods has made it abundantly clear the advantages of market testing a concept as early as possible. Why wait until you have a viable and scalable production and sales pipeline to test whether there is actually market and appetite for your product. The best investment is one which reflects the flexible approach needed to make regular market growth in a rapidly changing and often finicky market place. Sometimes called market testing the process of viability testing is used to evaluate consumer response to a product idea prior to hiring staff and actually investing in the development of the solution. The aim is to test the target market’s attitude toward a potential product prior to actually putting it into production.

Quantitative & Qualitative Methods Include

  • Process Mapping
  • Cost Analysis
  • Test Outbound Calling
  • Field Surveys
  • Personal Interviews

  • Focus Groups

    Some of the Key Aims in doing so include:

  • Clarifying the distinguishing value proposition
  • Establish key marketing and sales channels

“Definition: To test multiple marketing scenarios and select the most promising for expansion.”  entrepreneur.com

Is Your Business Viable

Market Analysis and Viability

Market analysis helps ensure you are not re-producing an existing solution or addressing a non-existent problem. There are several preliminary steps that one should take beyond running the idea past perspective clients and financial investors.

“Testing is a large part of finding out what works before jumping into an idea in the business world. Whether planning a postcard printing campaign, a completely new business idea, or the launch of a new product or service; all business decisions should be tested before fully exposing to your target audience. By market testing your idea or product, you will save yourself from both too much expense and even bad PR, should it not be popular or required.” Small Business BC

Steps one should consider including are: 

  • create mock up marketing materials that clarifies both the solution and its positioning

  • determining the maximum cost per acquisition

  • Craft a template email’s for outbound marketing

  • identify perspective clients, affinity audiences and associated search terms

“Concept testing (or market testing) is the process of using quantitative methods and qualitative methods to evaluate consumer response to a product idea prior to the introduction of a product to the market.” wikipedia

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